Minnesota Couples Counseling

The family is the single most vital institution for developing healthy children and sustaining productive adults. And it is the least supported. Healthy, secure and positive families foster disciplined, self-reliant and productive children. In most instances, the family is the best institution to correct child and adolescent attitudes and behaviors. We support parents in their commitment to their children’s safety, welfare and preparation for adulthood. We help them to understand appropriate expectations of each age and maturation level. We encourage appropriate and consistent discipline, open child-parent communication and loving instruction. We advocate for children as they learn personal accountability, find ways to communicate constructively and gain privileges commensurate with their maturation and level of responsibility.


We assist blending families to integrate differing child rearing practices. This includes recognizing the stressors experienced by children as well as parents. We attempt to facilitate communication and cooperation among all the adults responsible for each child’s welfare. We also support single parent families to make appropriate transitions and help children of divorce to experience the best of both parents.

We offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation for new clients.

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