Individual, Family & Couples Therapy

  • Individual Therapy: Meet one-on-one with a therapist to work on goals, and start to feel better. Whether your issues relate to work or school stress, anxiety, depression, transition to parenthood, perinatal or postpartum issues, sexual concerns, sexual assault or abuse, sexual orientation and/or gender expression concerns, or other difficult life stage or transition, therapy offers a chance for healing and growth as you gain insight and new tools to live an authentic life.
  • Family Therapy: Work with a therapist as a family so you can thrive, while balancing stressors, and prioritizing your relationships. Common issues addressed are transition to parenthood, fertility issues, grief and loss, communication problems, high conflict, and parenting issues, especially with adolescents or children impacted by mental health issues.
  • Couples Therapy: Come in with your partner or partners to find the harmony, spark, or reconnection you want. Oftentimes couples find themselves having difficulty navigating conflict or communicating effectively or want help enhancing emotional and physical intimacy. Whatever the issue, we can help couples repair in an accepting space and thrive into the future.


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