How to Tell the Kids

You have decided to divorce or separate and now need to tell the children, but you are worried and confused about disclosing divorce. This is natural since the family as everyone knows it is changing. For this reason, Mended Families developed this brief therapy package of 4 sessions, “How to Tell the Kids,” to help you gain clarity and confidence in the message you will communicate to your children about the impending divorce.

In the first session, we will work with the divorcing or separating parents to assess what your family situation is and needs are. In the second and third sessions, we provide valuable information about best practices in disclosing divorce that are suited to your family and the short- and long-term effects of divorce. We also help the divorcing parents identify short- and/or long-term parenting plans so you have some or all of the recommended details before talking to the kids. The fourth session, is used to process the divorce talk and determine what therapeutic or other needs the family may have.

The first session is the intake hourly rate of $175 and the subsequent 50-minute sessions are $150. The four-session therapy package is $625 in total and can be paid in full or individually after each session.

Having the divorce talk is hard. We can help.