Minneapolis Couples Therapy

One of the biggest myths is that couples counseling is for failing relationships. Seeking therapy for a relationship brings the opportunity to strengthen your bond beyond what you thought was possible. By exploring each other’s minds, emotions, experiences, and expectations, your vulnerability will bring intimacy to a whole new level.




The following are struggles that we commonly support in couples counseling:

● Poor Communication

● Feeling Misunderstood by Each Other

● Loss of Connection

●  Trust Issues

●  Difference in Values

●  Loss of Romance

●  Dull / No Sex Life

● Arguing

● Family Issues

●  Feeling Alone

●  Stress with Children

●  Life Changes

● Stress Management

●  Co-Dependency

●  Boundary Setting

●  Lack of Intimacy

● Substance Use and Abuse


Come in with your partner or partners to find the harmony, spark, or reconnection you want. Oftentimes couples find themselves having difficulty navigating conflict or communicating effectively or want help enhancing emotional and physical intimacy. Whatever the issue, Mended Families can help couples repair in an accepting space and thrive into the future.


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